dots of love
from grammy's heart  
                             by artist and writer
                                    suzanne rohlfs long

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           precious baby
              image #1
         my special pony
             image #2
      a rag doll to love
            image #3
            let's play ball
            image #4
          hungry pals
            image #5
     my one and only, babe
             image #6
  snowman connection
          image #7
          dance recital
           image #8
    amazing bouquet
          image #9
         time for a break
           image #10
           little dreamer
            image #11
            quiet pause
           image #12
             puppy love
              image #13
             bear hugs
           image #14
        among the roses
           image #15
         butterfly moment
           image #16

                 unframed gallery drawings, printed on heavy art paper using high quality
                 epson inks, can be purchased by sending an email to : 
                       for pricing and print details.


    dots of love
from grammy's heart by suzanne rohlfs long

       copyright 2010 all rights reserved


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